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Business development is the most challenging aspect of a business building and maintaining a functional sales pipeline, which serves critical to success.

Whether you’re already in the market, or just starting out with your legendary idea, Leads360, equipped with an excellent business development team, is here to navigate you through this pivotal time in your life. Commence your journey with us – we can certify that an entrepreneurial mindset, and visionary strategy is essential to the construction of a successful business, no matter what stage. We offer a variety of business development services that will take your business 360.


Your internal sales teams may be caught up in closing immediate sales to achieve quarterly targets and could be neglecting the nurturing and maintenance of your pipeline, as well as maintaining consumer longevity. Most leads are not “sales-ready” – typically, only 15% of your leads may be qualified and ready. However, with our business development plan, you lead with sustainability and feasibility. We emphasize and work towards the realization of your long term goals. This is exactly why we have your best interest at heart, and carry out essential campaigns to take you further than you’ve ever been.
Telemarketing is valid method of delivering leads into the funnel, however more often, what’s needed are more well-qualified leads. The easy answer, in many cases, is to engage the services of a digital marketing team to qualify the leads that have been generated.

By keeping the sales team centered on closing short term deals, a digital marketing lead generation team identifies, develops and nurtures opportunities for the next 12 months and beyond is a much more successful approach. This is achieved by using competitive intelligence, and accurate data management – you can ultimately, in a continual manner, build a pipeline that delivers high quality leads.

HOW CAN WE HELP in developing a business plan?

Coming down to what we can help your business achieve – the opportunities are boundless. We can validate your idea by testing it in different situations, with diverse audiences. Possessing more than 10 years of hard earned experience, we can offer a deeper insight into the inner – functioning of the market, who you should be targeting and where you should invest future efforts , that result in profitable consequences.

Developing the ideal business model for your business is the next essential step. Employing a tested methodology, we architect an operational business model that hits the right customers, has unique selling points, and develops an outstanding value proposition. We will outline the most profitable market for your startup, and take you 360 – something you won’t get anywhere else.


Positioning your product in a new market can be an arduously stressful task, which is where a dedicated team of qualified business executives with unique business development ideas comes in. Devoted to success, they will conduct research, use a network to optimize your process through various testing methods, in order to land on a premier strategy. Digitalization is our specialty, and truly the doorway to the 21st century – employing our digital marketing services, we will expand your business to peak growth. Business development trainings are also one of our most valuable services. We enforce regular calls and meetings, consulting, study materials, in order to remain completely aligned with your business model. By the time we are done, we can certify you’ll have a top tier business developer within your own team!

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Leads360 offers an evolutionary dimension to effective sales lead generation, employing affluent marketing techniques. Efficiently integrating a visionary marketing strategy with creative capabilities

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