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Leads360 is an innovatively powered sales lead generation company. We deliver results, swiftly and effectively, and excel at our core specialty; the unique ability to professionally target and captivate desired engagement, through means of sales, marketing, business development, reputation management and leads generation. Based on the absolute trust we develop with our clients, Leads36O proves to be an integral part of their marketing strategies, business to business interactions as well as high ticket solutions, all of which consistently materializes into highly qualified sales opportunities.

An environment reflective of client value, the highest standards and true partnership within our client’s as well as our own company, is what we persistently seek to maintain and uphold. Our team of professionals is well equipped with a comprehensive and unique skill set of marketing techniques and remain vested in the success of our client engagements. Stemming from 10 + years of experience, they have been persistently tested, tried and further strengthened with real time encounters in the market. Leads360 initiates market growth and business expansion, by allowing your company to explore, collaborate and succeed, within a sphere of individuality and exclusivity.

Our Management Team

They bring their experience and perspective to the strategic development of the company

Saqib Ameer

Saqib Ameer


Saqib ameer is the current ceo of leads360.pk. He is running this firm with great dedication and efforts. 

Abdul Wahab

Abdul Wahab


 Mr Abdul Wahab is the current COO of this firm. He has great experience regarding marketing and strategy based works. He is running operations with great skills and expertise to achieve the desired results.


Leads360 offers an evolutionary dimension to effective sales lead generation,employing affluent marketing techniques. Efficiently integrating a visionary marketing strategy with creative capabilities, our comprehensive B2B campaigns win – back and retain, generate leads, assist companies in the broadening and
diversification of their customer pool, as well as the construction of an optimal sales team performance.
At Leads360, we offer a unique, client – centric, stream – lined process.We augment your business with the implementation of real time results, and a short – cycle operation. Targeting the inner gears of your business and  ensuring the foundation is strengthened – we are your full circle solution.


At Leads360, we aim to establish ourselves as a leading,pioneering service in the marketing industry. We seek to swiftly facilitate our clients by constructing a unique &mexclusive one – stop solution, that effectively targets real time sales. We want to transform, and differentiate your business and deliver your vision, incorporating digital,mdirect, inbound and outbound marketing services whilst engaging the specialized expertise of our people, data and technology to deliver qualified B2B sales opportunities.
Our vision is to land full circle – with you.

           About Us

Leads360 offers an evolutionary dimension to effective sales lead generation, employing affluent marketing techniques. Efficiently integrating a visionary marketing strategy with creative capabilities

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